You Too Can Become a Crorepati

I would like to introduce a business opportunity to you. Wait, don’t get scared and run away. You don’t have to invest anything. And, if at any point of time you realise that it’s not suitable for you, you just stop it and leave. Even then you will not lose anything because you haven’t invested anything.

When you register and join (free of cost- no membership fee or joining fee) you are opening your own online shop. In fact, the shop was there all the while and you have just become an authorised Distributor. Of course, it’s Network Marketing. But, again, you don’t have to go to houses or offices and meet people to promote what you are selling and coerce people to join the network. On the other hand, you will be taught how to use social media to promote your shop. Besides, unlike some network marketing companies that promote costly goods that the buyer may not use much in her/his life, the products you are going to sell online are those that are used in every household on daily basis. These are: Tooth Paste, Tooth Brush, Soap, Cosmetics, Edible Oil, Atta, Rice etc. Remember, all products are either organic or herbal or chemical-free. You are buying these things any way from one or the other store because these are the basic necessities without which you can’t live. All you have to do is change the store this time and buy from your own store. So the first purchaser from your store is going to be yourself.

Then how you are generating an income? You are going to tell others about this shop and share your experience about the items you purchased. This can be done sitting at your home any time of the day as per your convenience. It can be done over phone or through Whatsapp or any social media. Once someone shows interest, either she/he can register as a Distributor and buy directly or you can distribute from your store. If she/he registers as a Distributor, she/he will be your Downline. For every purchase you or your Downline makes, certain PV (Point Value) will be added to your account. Suppose you have six Downlines and you and every Downline buy items worth Rs.1,200/- every month, from the 5th month onwards, your monthly income will be somewhere around Rs.30,000/-. If the purchases continue in a consistent manner, the monthly income will be multiplied to 1 Lac rupees per month in one year time. In practice, you will have many Downlines (not just six) and each one of them will buy for much higher amounts than the Rs.1,200/- in our example. Then, just imagine the passive income you can generate.

When you join, you will get a lot many videos intended to teach you about the system. You will be invited to many Zoom seminars to learn from highly successful entrepreneurs.

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