Business Opportunities in Pandemic

There are many who lost their jobs and many are  living in fear of losing their jobs due to Covid-19 Pandemic! Many others can’t go to work to earn their living!

Our Income has gone down! But, expense shooting up day by day!

Wait. Don’t start thinking that everything has come to an end. Don’t start thinking that we need to forego the dreams we have been cherishing all these years. On the other hand, many other opportunities have opened up in front of us.

The need of the hour is to switch the role as early as possible and go ahead with life. Instead of remaining an employee or a skilled worker forever, we need to become Entrepreneurs.

CashFlow Quadrant/ESBI Theory

According to the CashFlow Quadrant (ESBI) developed by Robert Kiyosaki, the author of best seller book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, everybody falls into one of the quadrants: ie, E – Employee, S – Small Business or Self Employed, B – Business Owners, I – Investor.

The left quadrants, E and S form the category “Active Income” and right quadrants B and I form the category of “Passive Income”.

While 95% of population is in E/S quadrants, Active Income category, only 5% of population is in the B/I quadrants, the Passive Income category. But, when the resources or wealth are taken into consideration, persons in the left half possess only 5% of wealth. Whereas, 95% of wealth is enjoyed by the B/I group.

This disparity of wealth is due to the reason that the Business Owners and Investors keep on generating income even when they are asleep or away from the business place. But, when the E/S people stop working the income stops then and there.

Therefore, one thing the Pandemic taught us is that we need to get into the B/I or Passive Income category at the earliest so that we shall be well prepared to face the challenges raised by surgical strikes of Covid or anything else. After all, we are not sure what is in store after Covid-19. We should ensure that whatever strikes us, we should continue to get our income without any hindrance.

Of course, It is going to be a sudden transformation in all senses. Till this time, you were an Employee or Small Business Owner/Self Employee. Now that you have an interest in becoming an Entrepreneur all of a sudden, I am here to give you a helping hand.

A lot of fears might have arisen in your mind. What about the huge investment required to start a business? How can we find customers in this Corona time? What if the business fails and we lose everything? What if the staff agitate for more salary and perks? And, many more such doubts!

Well, if I tell you that there is no need for any investment to start an eCommerce business you would probably not believe. If I tell you that you do not need anything other than your smartphone to start an eCom business you would probably not believe. But believe me all these statements are absolutely true. There is not even the slightest exaggeration in anything.

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Which Business is Growing Now?

Companies in three sectors are on a steady growth path. They are:

  1. Wellness Industry
  2. eCommerce Industry
  3. Direct Selling Industry

Wellness Industry

Wellness industry companies produce Health Supplements, Nutrition Products, Health Food, Mineral Water, Water Purifier, Air Purifier etc.

While Sickness Industry products reactively work towards correcting an illness or disease, Wellness Industry products proactively work towards maintaining health and delaying the ageing process of people. The Wellness Industry aims at good health and longevity of human beings.

eCommerce Industry

Examples of eCommerce businesses are Amazon, Flipkart, Tata Cliq, Jio Mart etc. It’s evident that profit made by these companies during the pandemic is many multiples of the profit they made before Covid-19.

Direct Selling Industry

Direct Selling is a segment not much familiar to us. But, the fact of the matter is that Direct Selling (DS) was happening for a long time now. Remember in the 1990’s Marketing Executives visited our homes one after the other with various products. They used to demonstrate the products in front of us. They have been selling the products for almost half of the market price. Ever thought what was the secret behind it? How could they sell items at a  throw away price like that?

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Network Marketing

Network marketing is actually a very noble concept. Put simply it’s an arrangement wherein people help each other. The beauty is there is no envy or jealousy among participants. On the other hand, everyone wants the other one to flourish as the growth of the other one will certainly aid growth of the self too. One’s growth depends on the growth of the other. It’s a win-win situation for all. No losers in the game! All are Winners!

Here Lies the Solution to the Problem

So, it is a matter of common sense to get into the areas flourishing at the moment.  Studies show that turn over of Direct Selling companies in India would increase drastically by 2025. In other words, Direct Selling, Network Marketing, Multi Level Marketing etc. are going to be the areas that would help ordinary citizens to stand up and face the challenges raised by Covid-19 pandemic. The earlier aversion from the general public towards Sales, Direct Selling, Network Marketing, Multi Level Marketing etc is a thing of the past. As such, professionals such as  Doctors, Engineers, Cine Artists are joining Direct Selling companies and started regarding this as a noble career to pursue. Undoubtedly, the attraction is the Passive Income that is assured by Direct Selling and Network Marketing.

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