How to Select a Genuine Direct Selling Company

Knowing that Direct Selling/Network Marketing companies are in steady growth path, many new companies are coming up of late. Most of them woo customers and recruit Distributors giving unrealistic promises. In the last two years many companies came up and disappeared. The fact that these companies collected huge sum from aspirants as Entry Fee before disappearing is certainly a matter of concern. Therefore, the selection process should be scientific and based merely on data analysis.

How to Identify a Fraud Company

Watch out for these illegal activities from MLM companies.

  1. Illegal MLM businesses usually offer quick, easy, and suspicious money for recruiting more members.
  2. The company is asking for a sum as Entry Fee. (It’s definitely a deviation  from the Guidelines issued by the Central government.)
  3. A clear-cut and well defined marketing plan is not produced by the company.
  4. The products/services offered by the company are not useful to customers on a daily basis.
  5. There is no money back policy or return policy.

Try to know more about new MLM companies before joining. Ensure that the company policies conform to the guidelines issued by the Central Government.

Guidelines Issued by Central Govt.

How to choose a Genuine Company

It’s advisable to work with a company which is established and left with a good track record of at least five years. The website of the company should be visited and its growth record should be studied critically.

In order to select a company to work with the following parameters should be evaluated/assessed.

  • Company Profile and Management- What is the background, own manufacturing plant, management
  • Vision & Mission- should be people oriented
    Quality of Products and Services- 
    Are the items useful
  • Momentum and Growth (Most companies perished in 5-6 years. (So, a company sustained for a long period of time should be selected. Additionally, the track record of the company in the path of growth should also be considered)
  • Best Support and Training System (we should ensure that the company has an established training system in place.)
  • Timely Payout (Most important)

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