Role of Supplements

Covid-19 epidemic was a great teacher. Among many things it taught mankind, the need to maintain good health and immunity was well received. People reacted wisely and started focusing on maintaining overall health. Consumers became more health conscious than ever before. People, by and large, want to live longer and healthier. Nobody wants to live longer with serious health issues. On the other hand, it has become an aspiration of most people to die when they are healthy. Nobody wants to die after prolonged suffering due to Cancer or Alzheimer’s or any other diseases of that order.
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Vestige Essentials Introduction

Vestige Curcumin Plus

Vestige Ganoderma

Vestige Colostrum

Vestige Spirulina

Vestige Noni

Vestige Krill Oil

Vestige Flax Oil


Vestige Collagen

Glucohealth & Stevia

Vestige Stevia

Neem Capsules

Oral Care

Zeta Special Tea

Vestige Amla

Rice Bran Oil

Protien Powder

Dietary Fibre


Shatavari Max

Folic & Iron Plus

Hair, Skin & Nail


Hair Care Products

Vestige Max Drive Nano Energizer

Vestige Sharp Air Purifier

Vestige Sharp Water Purifier