The Digital Transformation

Becoming an eCommerce Entrepreneur is the easiest option available to us to surpass the stagnation in normal business activities due to the prevailing pandemic situation.

One can transform her/his existing business to a digital platform or start a new eCommerce business from the onset.

Digitalisation of Existing Entrepreneurs 

Converting an existing business to an eCommerce business involves developing a website that would serve the following purposes.

  • Announce your digital presence to the world.
  • To make the Vision/Mission statement of the enterprise.
  • To list the products with Description, Features, Specifications and Price
  • Any promotions or discounts on selected items
  • A cart page to which customers can place selected items till the payment process is over
  • A checkout page with secured payment gateway to complete the eCommerce activity. (If the payment gateway is included the website should have SSL certification and the URL should start with “https://”.)

One can sell products (physical or digital) or services online through the eCommerce website.

Once the website is launched you may promote your eCommerce business through various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in, Instagram, eMail etc.

Starting a new eCommerce Business 

Starting a New eCommerce Business is comparatively an easy task. There are many established eCommerce companies and you can choose any of these established companies to become an Affiliate or Distributor. Here, the investment would be the bare minimum as the new Entrepreneur would be using the companies website and other digital resources.

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