Vestige- The Dreamers’ Paradise

Vestige Company came into existence in 2004. In the beginning it had only 10 products to market with 6 Distributors. The turnover of the first year was Rs.5 Cr.

In 2020-21, the company has more than 360 own products. It now has more than 2.5 Cr. Distributors. The turnover of 2020-21 was Rs.2729 Cr. 

More importantly, Vestige is engaged in all the three flourishing areas of present time. Vestige is into the Wellness industry as it’s  primarily a Supplements and Health Food manufacturing company. It’s into Direct Selling business as it’s selling the products directly to customers without any intermediaries. Vestige is also an eCommerce company as it’s selling the products through the Apps and its own Distributors. In the eCommerce platforms, they are selling FMCG products of other selected manufacturers also so that its customers need not depend on another vendor for FMCG products.

About of Vestige


Awards & Recognitions

  • 1. Direct Selling News (DSN) Global 100 Awards –Direct Selling News (DSN) Announces 2020 Global 100 List. Vestige Ranks #30. Vestige is the No.1 Indian company in the list.
  • 2. India’s Best Company of the Year 2017 – Vestige has been awarded as ‘India’s Best Company Of The Year 2017’ by IBC – International Brand Consulting Corporation, USA as the ‘Best Health & Personal Care Products Company.
  • 3. Best Nutraceuticals Company of the Year Award in 2017 & 2018 & 2019
  • 4. Vestige is an ISO 9001-2015 certified company
  • 5. Vestige state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and Halal certified.
  • 6. Vestige Products are certified by Health Foods and Dietary Supplements Association (HADSA)
  • 7. Vestige was awarded Certificate of Excellence in Productivity, Quality, innovation and Management’ by the Institute of Economic Studies (IES)

You can join Vestige as a Distributor, create your Network and grow your Business Empire without any Investment. There is no Entry Fee or Registration Fee. Recently it was noted that some fraudulent schemes are circulated in the name of Vestige Marketing Co. Pvt. Ltd. asking for investments. Please understand that Vestige does not charge anything to join as a Distributor. The registration is totally free of cost. Just by changing the shop you buy your monthly essentials you can build a business empire!

Distributor ID

Vestige Business Plan starts with your registration as Distributor. You may forward the following documents/information to the person who referred you.

  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. WhatsApp/Mobile No.
  4. eMail ID
  5. Spouse’s Name
  6. Photo of Aadhar Card both sides
  7. Photo of Passport Size Photo

She/he will register you as a Distributor and provide you an ID# and associated Password with which you can login to Vestige Apps to make your first purchase. You need to download the following Apps either from Google Play Store or IOS App Store.
(1) Vestige 2.0
(2) Vestige POS
(3) Vestige Best Deals

Activation of ID

Activation of ID will happen when you make your first purchase. After activation of ID, you will be provided with a number of Training Programmes.

Vestige Business Plan

Your Business with Vestige will grow when you develop your network. You may recruit Distributors and train them to start their business in the same manner as you were trained. 
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Let us imagine a possible scenario in order to understand the Vestige Business Plan. In the first month you were alone and you purchased products worth Rs.1200. From the second month you are recruiting Distributors and from the third month onwards the new Distributors are recruiting Distributors under them.

So, in the first month your revenue is only Rs.40. In the second month you recruited six persons and total turn over is Rs.7200 as everybody purchased Rs.1200 worth products each.

In the third month those six new Distributors recruited six persons under each one of them. Say you have minimum 36 in the network that month and everybody purchased for Rs.1200 each and total turnover is Rs.43,200. That month you got an income of Rs.800.

In the 4th month since new Distributors developed their networks further you have 216 persons in the network and total turnover came to Rs.2,59,200. That month you are receiving an income of Rs.22,000.

In the 5th month, you have 1296 persons in the network and assuming that everyone is going to buy products for Rs.1200 the total turnover is Rs.15,55,200. That month your income is Rs.2,41,000.

The more your network grow and turnover increase, the more will be your income. There is no upper limit. The Sky’s the limit!

10 Ways of Income

  1. Savings on Consumption (10-20%)
  2. Accumulative Performance Bonus (5-11%)
  3. Bronze Director Bonus (4%)
  4. Team Building Bonus (2%)
  5. Business Bulding  (14%)
  6. Leadership Overriding Bonus (17%)
  7. Travel Fund (3%)
  8. Car Fund (5%)
  9. House Fund (3%)
  10. Elite Club Bonus (2%)

While  income 1 & 2 above are open to anyone starting the business, income 3 will be open as and when a Distributor is promoted to Bronze Director. Other incomes will be open as the person achieve higher levels gradually.

Highlights of Vestige Marketing Plan

  • Vestige offers highly rewarding bonuses for your efforts. There is one person who crossed 1 Cr. monthly income. There are 47 persons who crossed 50 Lac monthly income. More than 100 persons draw monthly income more than 20 Lacs.
  • Vestige Marketing Plan is Cumulative. You never drop from the level you achieved at some point of time. Your earlier efforts and achievements are always taken into account.
  • The business with Vestige is a Legacy you can pass on to your dear ones when you cease to exist on this planet.

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