About Mathews Jacob

My Story

I started my journey in the digital world in 1987 when I was serving Indian Air Force. Six months prior to discharge from IAF, I have undergone a pre-release course on Computer Programming in Indian Institute of Management and Technology, Chandigarh.

I made my first computer program in dBase-III platform in 1993, for Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) at Rafha Airport, Saudi Arabia. This application was installed in all other Group-III regional airports at Al-Jouf, Ar’ar, Al-Gouriyat, Al-Quisumah and Turaif. As time evolved, in 1996, the platform of the CMMS application was changed over to Microsoft Access. Eventually, SBG-O&M acquired IBM-MAXIMO as CMMS and I became the System Analyst responsible for Implementation and Administration of the CMMS for Airports Projects Division of the company.

Side by side, I have specialised in Microsoft SQL Server and Visual Studio for application building.  Graduated to oracle 12c. Created a number of database applications involving data analysis for the organizations I served and also for a handful of non-profit organisations as well. Data Mining, Data Acquisition, Data Conversion and Reports Generation are the strong areas.

I created my first website way back in 2003. Since then, as a freelancer, I have created a number of websites for various organizations. I have been instrumental in fulfilling the aspirations of every organisation I worked in going digital. Mastering HTML5 and CSS3 was an obsession. My specialization in Web Designing is websites based on data. As such, MySQL and PHP along with HTML and CSS is the combination I use extensively for developing Websites. I am Equally comfortable with web designing using WordPress.

Digitization/Digitalization is the rule of the time. Those who refuse to embrace digitalization are eventually left out and overtaken by those who go digital. However, there are still a lot of individuals and organizations refusing to transform and they prefer to conduct their business in the conventional manner. Well, here again, it is my motto                to bring out the change in them and help them to go digital.